I was on the right track just not quite going in the best direction for me- so I was stuck/feeling a little frustration with bringing my dream business(and what I am meant to do) to life while also being profitable. I knew what I wanted was possible, just was looking at it through tunnel vision and not seeing the big picture.

Sheryl immediately tapped into the big picture, totally blew my mind on what was possible and helped set me on the course that I already knew I wanted and is the best way for me to have maximum impact on the horse industry. I specialize in Rider biomechanics/yoga and massage for horse riders owners.

I am moving full speed ahead, have two clinics in the works and reaching out in a way that feels good. I am no longer blocked on what to create or speak to as it’s now pretty clear and the ‘analysis paralysis’ has lessened by 90%.
— Lacy, Nevada

Sheryl was Phenomenal. She cracked through the fake excuses I had and saw through my BS. I realized that my business was not thriving because of my fears and doubts. She helped me realized how to get out of my own way and start taking action.
— Hannah, New York

Before working with Sheryl, I was stuck and confused about which direction to pursue. I was vacillating between two different paths, and walking the line right in the middle of both paths. I was in confusion overwhelm. Without having the clarity to choose the right path, I wasn’t pursuing either of those paths.

I felt like I was putting out a lot of effort but not actually moving forward, as if i was spinning my wheels. I had great intentions but lacked the clarity that I needed to put those intentions into action. I was clear on what my dream was, but had been placing my efforts in too many directions. I was spending way too much time in my head and not enough time on focused, and clear, action. I was totally stressed out.

Along with her expertise, Sheryl was so valuable in providing the total objectivity needed to see my situation clearly. Before speaking with Sheryl, I had been seeking advice from family members and friends who simply could not see my situation objectively (because they are too close).

Sheryl provided the empowering and professional coaching that I needed in order to gain clarity. She provided the support, clarity and objectivity that had been lacking for me. She was able to look at my situation and create a clear, and concise, action plan that would allow me to reach my business goals.

Sheryl helped me get clear on the fact that in order to fully focus on my business, I had to create a solid and reliable plan to comfortably cover immediate expenses (eliminating distracting stress). Sheryl provided me with detailed, clear and concrete ideas about how to get in front of the people that I need to begin networking with. Her ideas were fresh, innovative and provided a totally new perspective for me.

Sheryl walked me through some of my fears around needing to be perfect. She helped me to realize that perfection is not necessary and that what appeals to clients is my actual struggle/experiences combined with my professional knowledge. Clients want to hire someone who is relatable, not perfect.

With the help of Sheryl’s expert guidance, I am crystal clear on which path to take. I am no longer in confusion overwhelm. I am no longer walking that line in the middle of two opposing paths. I know which path to take to allow me the freedom and clarity to focus on my business. I am no longer stressed because I see things clearly.

I am clear and confident about the value that I can provide, and to whom, as well as knowing where to find these potential ideal customers. I am clear on the fact that I do not need have to wait for everything (and myself) to be perfect in order to truly put myself out there in my business.

Further, Sheryl’s coaching caused me to be totally inspired and excited about my future business success.
— Nicole, California

I found working with Sheryl wonderful. Shes warm and kind, able to listen and guide me to take action in simple, but oh-so-effective ways! After just the first call I was consistently waking up earlier (something I wasn’t able to do in the previous six months using my own strategies!), scheduling my days more efficiently, and getting much more done in less time. And I’m taking action toward my goals. Like, my actual goals, no more spinning in circles chasing my tail on mundane tasks that aren’t moving me forward. Yet another area where Sheryl shined was how insightful she was in helping me pinpoint what was keeping me stuck and how to step out of it. I look forward to working with her again!
— Christine, New York