Get Clear. Get Centered. Get Going.

Private Coaching Program


It's time to get clear, get centered and get going - Let's work together to expand your kick-ass biz and create the life you love (no hustle required)!


How would it feel to...

~Actually live your passion AND wake up every single day to do the work you love with the best clients on the planet
~ Get paid your worth as you travel at will, have the freedom to spend more time with your family and do work that you know is having a massive impact
~ Never lose sleep worrying about money again because you've got a steady stream of clients and consistent income

All of this is possible and and it will be your new normal if we work together...

Introducing my signature one-to-one coaching program for driven women ready to Level-Up their online business

Let me guess, right now you’re probably:

  • Feeling stagnant and burnt-out

  • In complete overwhelm due to spreading yourself too thin

  • Wondering when you get to live that pie-in-the-sky dream life you see everyone living

  • Always “busy” and feel like you never accomplish anything important


It’s time to stop running yourself ragged, set your boundaries, change your habits and start boosting your life and biz.

Girl, I get it. There's so much to do in your business that you don't know where to begin. You feel like you are jumping from one thing on your to-do list to another and never actually accomplishing what needs to get done.

What's worse is, everyone else seems to have the most amazing successful business while vacationing in the south of France and you’re sitting in your living room wondering what you’re doing wrong.

It's not your fault, I've been there. I've fallen into the same trap of trying to do all the things that other successful entrepreneur are doing and all you end up with are band-aids. The more you skip around trying one thing after another, the more confused you get.

You don't need any more band-aids, you need a proven success blueprint.

“I was feeling so stuck with bringing my business dreams to life and being profitable. I knew what I wanted was possible, I was just looking at it through tunnel vision and not seeing the big picture. Sheryl immediately tapped into the big picture and totally blew my mind on what was possible. She helped me set the course for what I wanted in my business going forward…” ~Lacy


This is how you'll know if this program is right for you...

  • you're ready to simplify your to-do list while amplifying your business...

  • you're ready to double your free time and your wallet (think 5 figure months and coffee in the streets of Paris)...

  • you're ready to feel fucking amazing and break through all the limiting beliefs you have...

    It's not for you if...

  • You are already centered, healthy and excited for your life...

  • you blame the world (or other people) for your problems and have a victim mentality...

  • you aren't ready to make the time commitment it is going to take to get shit done…

What we cover in the program...

Time Management
Clarity around your goals
Money & Lifestyle Mastery
Mastering social media marketing
Create Concise systems for business growth
Retrain your Brain to establish a healthy mindset &habits

For the next 4 months, We're going to change your mindset and level-up your business so you are making boat loads of cash and living your best life.

Here's What you get

One On One Fully Personalized Coaching

8 x 60 minute coaching sessions over 4 months (twice a month)
4 x 30 minutes Laser-focus sessions (monthly)

A deep dive questionnaire

To begin exploring your dreams, your desires, and your fears

Unlimited Voxxer support

For questions, celebrations, moral support & guidance in between sessions

Access to an Amazing box of resources

 Includes: help with facebook advertising, increasing your online presence, Money mindset and management tools, Time management tools, recommended readings, meditations, visualizations, and self-care Rituals


You will also get access to my private facebook group to meet and chat with like-minded ladies going through the same shit. It’s even more valuable to have the support of an entire constellation of people when going through such a huge shift in your biz.

Continued Support

You have access to me via Voxxer for an extra 30 days after our coaching is complete AND one 30 minute laser coaching session.

Your investment for this life-changing program:


(monthly payment plans available)


Join Now and You'll Also receive:

Half day Intensive to deep dive into your blocks, obstacles and what is ACTUALLY causing you live in this state of struggle and lack.

Warning: I will get pretty blunt and honest with you so be prepared.
(Worth $750) 

“I found working with Sheryl wonderful. She’s warm and kind, able to listen and guide me to take action in simple, but oh-so-effective ways! I’m taking action towards my actual goals, no more spinning in circles chasing my tail on mundane tasks that aren’t moving me forward. She helped me pinpoint what was keeping me stuck and how to step out of it...” ~ Christine


Your limitless life and business awaits...


How would you feel if you took a leap and were actually living the life you designed on your vision board?

Imagine how incredible it would feel to have financial freedom so you can own a vacation home, to be able to work from anywhere in the world (no more commuting and sitting in traffic, yay!), and to create your own work day routine complete with relaxing morning coffee and getting in some exercise.

What would it mean to you to be able to be able to pay for that extended luxury vacation or buy that Tesla you’ve always wanted?

Imagine being able to fly first class (woo hoo more leg room and champagne!).

What would it mean to you to have a waiting list of clients who want and NEED your help to create a better life for themselves and their families?

How great would it feel to build a school for a community in need without worrying about your finances?


It doesn't have to be a constant struggle and my guess it that since you have read this far that you are definitely on that struggle bus pretty hardcore.

You've Done The Soul Searching And Followed Your Heart To Find Your Passion So You Can Make Tons Of Money Doing It Right?

I know how hard it is to be super passionate about your business and not see the results that you hoped for. You can feel deflated and like a failure. It feels like all those late nights and hemorrhaging of cash was all just a waste of time and money. You are here because something isn’t working for you.

You can’t quite put your finger on it or maybe you know exactly what’s wrong but you don’t know how to fix it. You're doing what everyone else is telling you to do but you're not making any traction.

You're tired, struggling to keep yourself sane and it feels like there's an invisible wall you keep running into. The truth is these are just symptoms of not having the right systems in place to succeed.

But Guess what...

There is hope. It is not all just a waste! Hooray! With the right business plan, mindset tools and systems in place you can have the business AND the life you've always wanted.

Want to travel? You can do that. What more time with family and friends? Coming right up!

How do I know it can happen? Because I've done it and so have my clients.


“Sheryl was phenomenal. She cracked through the fake excuses and saw through my BS. She helped me realize I was holding myself back because of fears and doubt. She helped me get out of my own way and starting taking real action…” ~ Hannah

What's Next?

  1. Ignore the voice in your head that's second-guessing your intuition (hey, I've worked with coaches that haven't delivered, so I know exactly what you're thinking) and trust that you're exactly where you're meant to be.

  2. Click the purple button below and schedule a time to chat.

  3. Once you've done that, you'll be taken to a page with a few questions so that I can get to know you better. Please complete that (it'll only take a few minutes).

  4. You'll get a confirmation of our appointment via email, and some reminders beforehand as well.

  5. On the day, I'll call you using either Skype audio or Zoom audio (as per your preference on the application form).


“With the help of Sheryl’s expert guidance, I am clear and confident about my path, value and ideal customers. Sheryl’s coaching caused me to be totally inspired and excited about the future of my business…” ~Nicole

One Last thing...

Gorgeous, one last thing. I know right now you’re scared. You’re scared about trusting someone else because you’ve been burnt by a coach in the past (been there!).

You’re nervous about investing the money because it’s a LOT of money to invest (totally understand that)

How much longer are you going to put up with the life and biz you don’t want?

How many times are you going to look at other coaches and dream of having their life and feeling jealous as hell?

What’s going to change in 5 years time if you don’t change something now?

How much longer can you put up with feeling burnt out, stressed, anxious and overwhelmed? Is it going to take a major health scare to get you to kick your own ass into gear?

Let's get on the phone and uncover what's really going on in your biz and discuss working together so I can help you create the kick-ass biz you desire (and deserve). Click below to book a call.